Burnout-How to Avoid it while Job Searching

The Summer has arrived along with possible changes in your family life.  If you have children or teenagers, they are out of school, probably in summer or sports camps, and perhaps working at a summer job.  These major family changes can impact our focus and attention in our job search plan.  One critical area to pay attention to the effects that these changes cause is BURNOUT!

An article in Lifehack  called “Successful People Suffer from Burnout Too. But They Know How to Deal with It”, written by Jenny Marchal, freelance writer, addresses ways to acknowledge, manage, and come out of burnout so you can continue your effective job searching process.

According to this article, some of the areas that can help you ease out of burnout include:

  • Learning to say “No”

  • Unplugging yourself from distractions like your cell phone

  • Making time to take care of your body through exercise

  • and more!

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