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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program


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Based on information received from DCF, you have been referred to CareerSource Southwest Florida to engage in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education and Training (SNAP E&T). Florida’s SNAP E&T program is designed to assist eligible SNAP E&T participants obtain skills through education, training, or work experience that will increase self-sufficiency and lead to employment.

A SNAP E&T participant is an able-bodied adult without dependents (ABAWD) who is required to register for work and participate in work activities to maintain eligibility for food assistance.


Apply for Benefits

Apply for Supplementatl Nutrition Assistance Program benefits if one of the following items apply to you: 

  • Application closed
  • Received a notification letter to reapply
  • Received a letter to renew and or update personal information
  • Have not applified for benefits
  • Required to re-apply for benefits 
  • Received a sanction letter from DCF to re-apply

Penalty Lift Request

Request a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits penalty lift if one of the following items apply to you:  

  • Update or report new information
  • Notice from DCF for non compliance with work requirements
  • Mandated to participate in the Supplementatal Nutrition employment porgram
  • Benefits expired and must reapply 
  • Required to re-apply for benefits 

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No. If you were not already participating in a CareerSource work program, you will be referred to CareerSource. You are still responsible for fulfilling the work requirements once you are referred to CareerSource. You can become sanctioned while receiving bonus months if you do not comply with work requirements.
While you can receive bonus months once every 36-month period, you may only receive one or two if you are sanctioned. Unused bonus months cannot be used again, even if you later regain your eligibility prior to January 1, 2022.

No. If you are identified as an ABAWD, you must complete the work requirements. You cannot opt out if you want to keep receiving your food assistance benefits.

No. If you are identified as an ABAWD, you must complete the work requirements. You cannot opt out if you want to keep receiving your food assistance benefits.

You must report your situation to DCF as soon as possible for your temporary situation to be given consideration.
You may not have to participate in SNAP E&T immediately if you can show good cause. Good cause includes temporary circumstances beyond a person’s control. Some examples are:

  • Illness
  • Illness of another household member
  • A household emergency

Other reasons may be considered good cause.  If you are not sure, contact DCF and discuss your situation.
If you have not already reported the situation that makes you unable to work, or you think you should be exempt from the ABAWD work requirements, please report this in your My ACCESS Account by selecting “Report a Change,” or contact the Customer Call Center at 850-300-4323.

If you are working, notify DCF. When you apply, or when you renew your food assistance benefits, if you are working less than 80 hours per month and you are identified as a person who could have work requirements, your information will be sent to a LWDB and you will be contacted to begin tracking your work hours or work requirements.

Florida’s LWDBs assist in providing information about available jobs, on-the-job training, and education and training services. ABAWDs can meet work requirements in a variety of ways by accessing services offered through LWDB career centers. To find a LWDB career center near you, visit

To allow our staff to analyze your employment and educational background to create a custom icareer roadmap for you. 

Access Assessment here.

Please click the intake package link to access the pacakge.

Intake Package

Returners users can access their account here and new users can create an account.

Work Requirements for Able Bodied adult without dependents to care for access form can be found here.

Request Sanction Lift

Penalty Lift Assistance Request

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