Youth Career Exploration Workshop~Video

~A Career Exploration Workshop for High School Students~


The youth participated in a 3-day workshop which consisted of: resume and cover letter writing, creating their own resume, and lastly doing mock interviews with SHRM SWFL.

Our own, Deb Reardon, Disability Navigator, explained to the youth about the importance of soft skills, work experience programs, and assistance in getting references for interviews.

Students created and read out loud their resumes which helped in building confidence and be able to talk about their accomplishments and career dreams.

Seen in this video is Career Development Representative (CDR), Africa Newby; Christy Sushil and Judy Marcucci from SHRM SWFL, Jennifer Nieves from Lighthouse SWFL, in a true collaboration aimed at improving the employability skills of program participants.

We are grateful for our partners, Lighthouse of SWFL and SHRM SWFL for participating and making this workshop a success.

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