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What To Do After the Job Interview

Young Business people

“Our visions are the plans of the possible life structure, but they will end in plans if we do not follow them up with a vigorous effort to make them real, just as the architect’s plans will end in his drawings if they are not followed up and made real by the builder.” Orison Swett Marden

You may have heard about the follow up steps right after a job interview or perhaps no one has shared this information with you.

If you are looking for your next job and had the opportunity to interview with hiring managers, it is a MUST to follow up in writing or via phone call.

Why it is important you may ask? Because it lets the hiring manager know how serious you are about the opportunity and that you respect their time with you during that interview.

There are many more reasons which are listed by The Balance on the article “How to Follow Up After a Job Interview“, written by Alison Doyle.

This article provides some of the following guidelines:

  • Send a “Thank You” letter – it can also be a handwritten note or an email.

  • Send within 24 hours – do not wait to follow up or you just may loose the opportunity.

  • Add in note reasons to hire you- great opportunity to promote your candidacy.

  • And so much more!

Whether you choose to write or give the hiring manager a call, this effort will keep you high on their list. It will also show the high level professional you are and the great assets you bring to any organization.

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