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Use Keywords for a Powerful Resume & SWFL’s Hot Jobs

Male designer in workplace

Are you using an outdated resume and getting nowhere with an interview?

Writing a strategic resume takes proper planning since its structure changes with the needs of the marketplace.

A powerful resume includes the use of keywords throughout the entire document. Keywords are hot words, buzz words, or jargon associated with a specific profession or job function.

Recruiters and hiring managers use these keywords to identify if your resume meets the criteria for the open position. Many employers also use an ATS System (Applicant Tracking System) to assist the recruiters in searching for these keywords and identify if the resume should be chosen for an interview. The more keywords you have, the greater are your chances in ranking high within the pool of job seekers.

Here are some examples of keywords addressing skills and responsibilities you possess within a specific profession that should be in your resume.

Retail Professional:

  • Inventory planning and control
  • Loss prevention
  • Customer service

Technology Professional

  • Information Systems Management
  • User Training and Support
  • Networking Technology

Human Services Professional

  • Client Advocacy
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Program Planning and Administration

Hospitality Professional

  • Catering and Convention Services
  • Guest Services
  • Occupancy Management

Human Resources Professional

  • Employee Communications
  • Recruitment and Staffing
  • Benefits Design and Administration

Once you’ve identified your profession, use the corresponding keywords in your resume, cover letters, infomercials, thank you letters, and interview responses.

Keywords gets you noticed, not passed over! Now, let’s check out Southwest Florida’s Hot Jobs.

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