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Tuition Assistance for Occupational Skills Upgrade

Are you interested in learning the skills to obtain employment in a particular occupation?  Could you use some tuition assistance?

Funding may be available for you to attend school.  Our Board of Directors approves training providers for demand occupations.  Here is the link to our Training Provider Page/ Occupations-in-Demand.  You can view our list of high demand jobs by occupation.  Find which schools on our approved provider list offer training.  Simply click on the “View Programs” button under the “Training” column.

Here is a link to our Training Opportunities page that further explains how to access our training programs and the documentation required.  Please look this over.  It gives you information to assist you if you decide to pursue training opportunities through CareerSource Southwest Florida.

We operate under a work-first concept. This means we work with you individually.  We determine if you have marketable work skills and are ready to enter or advance in the job market.

Because each job seeker’s personal and financial situation is unique we recommend you contact our career center nearest to you.  Attend an orientation workshop.  Find out about our services.  Learn about available training programs and eligibility requirements.  Our orientation provides information regarding training funds available through the Workforce Investment & Opportunity Act (WIOA).

To see a schedule of the career center workshops and orientation sessions and to find the center located closest to you, click here.

Click on the following link for the location and phone number for our centers: CareerSource Southwest Florida Career Centers.

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