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Job Search isn’t easy, but it is a whole lot easier if you ‘own’ the tools you need to be productive.

Let’s talk about the job search tools you’ll need to perform successful job search:

  • A phone number the employer can call, yours or maybe a neighbor.
  • An email account to communicate with potential employers:
  • Do’s and don’ts when creating and using an email account:
    • DO NOT use your personal email account.
    • Create a new one you use only for Job Search.
    • DO use a professional email name…keep it simple and professional.
    • DO NOT use account names like ‘’. It would probably indicate to an employer you are a ‘gamer’ who might be ‘tired’ from staying up all night playing, not a good choice.
  • A word processor to read and write resumes, cover letters, and other documents needed during the interview/hiring process.
  • Microsoft offers ‘free’ and ‘paid’ versions of 365 that include the tools you need, including email, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
    • Check out this article
    • If you are a student or teacher, your 365 can be free.
    • If not, you still can get a free version from, it is a limited version but its ‘yours’ forever and very helpful for your job search:
      • You can only access it from the web (no download or offline version)
      • But you can have free storage for your resumes and letters in the ‘onedrive’ storage provided.
    • If someone in your family already has Microsoft 365 ‘Family’ Home Plan ($99/yr), this is meant to be shared with (6) six people in the family and this is a ‘full’ version. If they add you, you will have your own account and email. Consider splitting the cost with them, especially when you get back to work
    • The article above also includes ‘other’ non-Microsoft options like Google Docs and Apple iWork. Check it out and create your own Job Search tools that you can take with you.

Always remember: to protect your data! ALWAYS log out…don’t allow someone else to access your tools and ruin all your hard work.

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