Summer Employment – Part 1 – On the Job

“To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth”, Pearl S. Buck.

Summer employment is critical for our youth in Southwest Florida.

In this Summer Employment – Part 1 – On the Job – video series you will meet Kyana Julie, Vanessa, Nicholas, Taina and Laurie who share with us their experiences on working during this summer.

They share in their own words:

  • how they got their jobs

  • what they do at work

  • advice for other young job seekers and

  • their positive experience working with CareerSource Southwest Florida

Additionally, you will meet Michael Moran from Cultural Park Theater, Kim Flynn from The Windsor, and Nancy Shaffer from Goodwill, employer supervisors to these young workers who share their positive experience in working with youth, what they hope the youth will get out of this summer employment, and their positive experience they had in working with us, CareerSource Southwest Florida.


We want to direct you to the companies we know have summer job positions.

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