Young Adults or Students

Summer Employment – On the Job Advice

Young Adults or Students

Do you remember the first job you got?  Do you recall the excitement of getting your first paycheck?  These are memorable moments we will never forget and they bring us the experience required to advance to the next level in our future careers.

Summer employment can be a great experience that will bring you valuable transferable and soft skills to use in your future jobs.  Let’s review a some advice on how to make this experience a rewarding one.

  • Choose a job you will enjoy – you may not know right now what career path you want, so try a job that closely resembles your likes and passions.  This way it becomes an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

  • A positive attitude is a must – always bring a positive and can-do attitude to work with you.  No task is too small or too great to do.  Show your supervisor your willingness to do your part.

  • Keep your cell phone put away – DO  NOT use your cell phone during working hours unless it is an emergency.  Check with your supervisor about the use of cell phones at work and be respectful of the rules.

  • Keep your friends and family informed – you may have a lot of friends who may call you all the time.  You must let them know your working hours so they don’t disturb you and cause an issue at work.  Your family should also be informed; they will be a bit more respectful and proud of you for your initiative to work this summer.

We are hoping that you will have a positive summer job experience by following the above tips. The summer will go by fast so make it an unforgettable one!

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