Business people in office

References can help you land your next job

Business people in office

A reference is a person you have built a relationship with at previous jobs or places and whom you’ve chosen and have been given permission to verify your work experience, skills, and accomplishments.

Now that you are searching for your next Hot Job, this is the time you need them the most! Here are a few tips on how to use your references efficiently:

  • Inquire about their response – make sure they share specific terms about your skills and ability to do the job to avoid vague comments. Asking them about their response will also help you determine if they would be a good reference.
  • Categorize the group of references – use the reference that pertains to the position you are after, if you are after a leadership position then utilize the reference that can highlight that area of your career.
  • Keep them informed – give them a call and let them know who will be calling them with the date and time and the position you’ve applied for so they are ready to respond.
  • Accomplishments – you can ask them to share your highlights in your previous career so the new hiring manager can get an idea of the impact you will have in their company.
  • LinkedIn recommendations – ask your reference to give you a LinkedIn recommendation and endorsement, these will make you stand out from other candidates.
  • Stay in touch – continue building your relationship over time, don’t just call them when you need a reference.

As you dust off your reference list, check out this week’s Hot Jobs!

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