On-The-Job Training Success Video

Every Successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.” Paul Ryan

Willie Parker found himself without a job after a large company he worked for laid-off several employees including him.

He found himself wondering what to do next so he would take walks to clear his mind to figure out his next step. That’s when CareerSource Southwest Florida called him!

“CareerSource found me and connected me with Gina here at J&C Restaurant.” Willie Parker

Watch the video to find out how Willie went from being laid-off with no job prospects to being trained in a new area and became a full time employee at J&C Equipment.

“CareerSource has been so helpful, very supportive, they explained the process very well so I can understand it, giving me the tools I needed for this job.” Willie Parker

J&C Equipment has been a partner with our On-The-Job Training (OJT) and they have hired about five employees from the program.

Gina Hyon, President of J&C Equipment shares, “I think this is the program that every new business should go through it, they gave us 90 days to six months term for us to figure out that this is the right person.”

The On-The-Job Training (OJT) provides the opportunity for new employees to learn while you earn and gives employers the opportunity to recover costs of training new employees.

  • Reduce the cost of training a new hire.

  • Offsets the cost up to six months of job training in qualified occupations.

  • Receive a monthly training reimbursement equal to 50% or more of the hourly wage of new hire.

  • Contract process is simple

  • Qualified individuals are those currently not working and eligible for training funds.

  • CareerSource staff will conduct eligibility screening for OJT candidates of your choice.

For more information about On-The-Job Training, contact our Business Services Division at (239) 931-8282 or email at Bussvc@URL.

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