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Network to get noticed!

Two business women using laptopMost people spend much of their time surfing the internet instead of getting out there talking to employers and taking chances.

The biggest difference between the individual who networks and a job applicant are the personal contacts.  Those who network step ahead of their competition!

Here are a few networking strategies:

  • Introduce yourself as often as possible everywhere you go; be friendly.
  • Join organizations that are close to your heart; become involved.
  • Attend industry seminars, job fairs, trade shows, and conferences.
  • Volunteer in the community; build trust and a personal reputation.
  • Give referrals and leads to people as often as you can.
  • Serve as mentor to others; be known as a good “go-to” person.
  • Represent yourself as a confident professional in the community.

Remember: Visibility + Credibility = Opportunity

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