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Job Fair Tips & Southwest Florida’s Hot Jobs

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You’ve applied to dozens of jobs online with a well prepared resume along with practicing for that interview you are waiting for but no leads have arrived.

What can you do next? Don’t despair; the job search process is a job in itself! And along with it comes some challenges that you may not find so appealing, like attending a job fair and marketing yourself!

It’s time to prepare and tackle that job fair with full confidence and a 100% conviction about the amazing professional that you are!

Get ready by following these job fair tips:

  • Prepare in advance – find out what companies are attending the job fair and research them ahead of time so you focus on the ones you are interested.
  • Review your resume – make sure your resume is relevant to the jobs you are applying for with keywords for that industry along with copies for the employers.
  • Dress for success – make a good first impression with appropriate attire ready for that mini interview.
  • Get there early – there may be hundreds of other job seekers at the event; therefore show up early and meet the employers face-to-face for a few uninterrupted minutes with them.
  • Set goals – target the companies and the connections you want to make and do not leave until this has been accomplished.
  • Express genuine interest – on the jobs available and ask questions about their hiring process and when to follow-up. Thank the employer for their time and be courteous.
  • Pick up information – gather pertinent information and descriptions of open positions you are interested along with getting their contact information.
  • Meet the attendees – after meeting the employers meet and greet the attendees who could be a valuable resource for job referrals.

Following these tips will help you improve your chances for job success. As John Wooden said, “Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts.”

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