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Interpreting Interview Responses

Interview Questions-Decide if the job is right for you by interpreting interview responses

In this article, “5 Common Interview Responses That Can Be Interpreted Two Different Ways“, found on The Muse website written by Scott Huntington, he helps us understand that interview responses can be interpreted two different ways.

The interview is a two-way street, which means, both the employer and the job candidate should ask questions to determine if they are a good fit for each other.  The employer’s questions are based on your experience, soft skills, accomplishments that may be of benefit to their company culture.  The job candidate must also ask questions toward the end to determine if the employer’s workplace environment is a good fit for them and their professional growth.

This article gives great examples on the statements the employer makes during the interview that can mean two different things, therefore, it is up to you to ask specific questions to clarify the real answer behind each statement.

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