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A Hiring Manager’s Advice on What is a Great Candidate

You may wonder “what does it take to be a great candidate for the job I really want?”  If you’ve asked yourself that question, chances are you’ve probably gone to several interviews and didn’t get a job offer.

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If this is your situation, don’t despair.  We may have the answers for you.

During the interview, there are ways to stand out and be the impressive candidate the organization seeks.  So, besides the importance of dressing appropriately, having an updated resume, and having questions to ask; let’s dig a little deeper with the following article.

Forbes  published a great article This Is What The Best Candidates I Ever Interviewed Had In Common, by Sara McCord, Staff Writer/Editor for The Muse.

This article brings the point of view from the hiring manager’s perspective which can help you identify what is considered a great candidate.

One area this article truly focuses on is connection.  The hiring manager is more interested in a candidate that can really connect with him or her.  Show true interest in the position and the company.

According to this article, this can be accomplished by making clear statements as to what makes you a great fit for the company.  Truly listening to what the hiring manager says.  Writing a thank you note containing parts of your conversation.

Getting a different point of view can really open doors to understanding how others view you and how you can be noticed and appreciated as a great candidate.

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