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Free Online Training Resources

Turn a challenge into an opportunity!

Free online training can help you upgrade your skills, increase your knowledge and perhaps even change your career path.

Metrix Learning Skillup – no-cost online training for individuals who want to upgrade their skills or explore new career pathways. Click here to watch the video.

Not all courses on the following websites are free but most are! Several offer a free trial period – just do not forget to cancel before the deadline.

Alison – free online education and skills training. Fee charged only for issuing Certificates and Diplomas.

Coursera – Some courses are free, others including Master’s Degree have tuition fees.

Duolingo – learn a new language!

edX – over 120 colleges and universities provide massive open online courses with no tuition fee.

LinkedIn Learning – wide variety of work-related courses. The first month is free.

Microsoft Learn – free technology-related learning.

Remember to never stop learning!

*CareerSource Southwest Florida does not endorse these websites, this post is merely for informational purposes only.

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