student on phone/tablet with school in background

Creative email addresses are bad for resumes

student on phone/tablet with school in background

One of the challenges a job seeker faces while looking for work is making sure that your resume is updated and without grammatical errors but not everyone takes the time to review the header of the resume.

Not only must you ensure that your name and contact information is present but you must also pay attention to the email address you provide.

Let’s be honest, an employer may not take an applicant seriously with an email like  An employer could very well pass over an application for a simple mistake like this one.

As a job seeker, you must create an email address that will portray the type of professional you are.

Something as simple as or will validate how serious you are about applying for a position.

Is your email keeping you from getting that Hot Job?

Re-valuate your email and check out this week’s Hot Jobs on our Find A Job webpage.

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