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Consider Passive Talent as Your Next Hire

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One of the challenges we face with record low unemployment rates is finding quality talent to meet your business needs.

In order to have a successful hire, it is important to understand the difference between active and passive candidates, factors affecting your decision on who to recruit, and how you can accomplish the task at hand.

Let’s look at the difference between active and passive candidates.

  • Recruiting active candidates is less expensive; they are already looking for you and present themselves on applications asking for the job.

  • The passive candidate takes more effort, more resources are required to find them and hire them.

  • Sourcing active candidates requires effective use of technology, whereas passive candidates require a strong recruiting team, skilled hiring managers, and active networking, therefore it can be more expensive.

The factors on whether to target active or passive candidates depends on supply and demand, your business brand, and the quality of your recruiting team.

Hiring passive candidates can be accomplished by following the advice of this article by Dee Murphy, Head of Content and Employer Branding at Jobbio, article “Passive Talent: Why Your Next Hire is Already Employed”.

Targeting passive talent takes proper planning, effort, and a strong recruiting team. Are you ready for the challenge? So are we! We can help!

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