CareerSource Southwest Florida career centers are closed until further notice

Our career centers are closed to the public for walk-in services until further notice.
We encourage job seekers to visit our “Immediate Southwest Florida Job Openings” website page to look for current opportunities.
The following online resources are available to assist you with job search and unemployment claims.

Job Search

Local Employers are currently hiring: Immediate Southwest Florida Job Openings

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Unemployment Claims/Reemployment Assistance

COVID-19 Reemployment Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

Information page:

You can reach us with questions about our services by calling your local center by checking the center locations page or 1-800-557-3242.

Network to get noticed!

Two business women using laptopMost people spend much of their time surfing the internet instead of getting out there talking to employers and taking chances.

The biggest difference between the individual who networks and a job applicant are the personal contacts.  Those who network step ahead of their competition!

Here are a few networking strategies:

  • Introduce yourself as often as possible everywhere you go; be friendly.
  • Join organizations that are close to your heart; become involved.
  • Attend industry seminars, job fairs, trade shows, and conferences.
  • Volunteer in the community; build trust and a personal reputation.
  • Give referrals and leads to people as often as you can.
  • Serve as mentor to others; be known as a good “go-to” person.
  • Represent yourself as a confident professional in the community.

Remember: Visibility + Credibility = Opportunity

Check out Southwest Florida’s weekly job list!

How to figure out your dream job

Business Woman or Student on tablet

Many of us struggle to define exactly what drives us, motivates us, and inspires us.  Finding your passion is key to a fulfilling career.

But how do you define it? Here are a few tips:

  • Pay attention to what you do when you procrastinate.  80% of people turn their hobbies into a professional career.
  • What is the one thing you can’t stop thinking about?  A simple inspiration can open up the door to a passion that’s hidden inside of you.  Take the time to find it.
  • If money was no object, what would you do to earn a living?  Memories of how we felt fulfilling our passion can last you a lifetime!
  • Have you noticed when your head and heart are most in sync?  Finding the alignment between your head and heart will show you the way!  The key is to take the time to know yourself better in order to figure out your dream job!

Perhaps your dream job is listed here!  Keep checking our website for new opportunities every week!

“My Next Move” can help you decide on a career

My Next Move

This online tool, at MyNextMove, is free to all users, and gives individuals several alternatives for occupations (including the O*NET Interest Profiler).  It provides an easy-to-read, one-page profile of each occupation, including essential knowledge, skills, abilities, and technologies, simplified salary and employment outlook information, as well as links to specific training and employment opportunities.

In addition there is a link to My Next Move for Veterans

You've served your country. Now you're ready for a new challenge. What do you want to do for a living?

My Next Move for Veterans

Are you nervous about an upcoming job interview?

Hiring managers all have their favorite interview questions, but they are typically some variation of the common ones.

For example, you might be asked, “How would your colleagues describe you?” or “Use three words to describe yourself.”   Either way, your overall approach would likely be the same.  The thing you need to be mindful of is what words you actually use.

Or, to put it in another way, there are words that you should never, ever use.

Here is a must read advice article from TheMuse to find the answer.

The seven power words – study them, use them, practice them, and watch what happens.
Seven power words that will open doors.

You may want to meet with CareerSource Southwest Florida staff for applicable eligibility requirements for specific training opportunities. Please identify yourself as a Veteran or Eligible Spouse to our staff.

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