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SizeUp Lee – Tool for Businesses

Data analytics are becoming increasingly more important for businesses that want to grow and remain competitive. What is most important to understand is that data is not only important to large organizations – the benefit of having access to the right data is now imperative for small and mid-size organizations to be successful too.

The Lee County Economic Development Office is committed to the success of our local business community.  Understanding the immediate benefit that a strong data tool provides small to mid-size businesses, they offer free access to a reliable and powerful web-based analytical tool tailored specifically for the Lee County business community – SizeUp Lee.

For a full description and access to these powerful analytical tools, go to the following website – SizeUp Lee

Job seekers with ‘foundational skills’ hot commodity

We commonly hear the need for an increase in what has come to be known as “Foundational Skills.” These are skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, time/project management skills and these can range from the basics of showing up for to work on time, customer service skills to working with a multi-generational workforce and basic communications skills.

Click on the following link for a News Press interview with Joe Paterno, Executive Director of the Southwest Florida Workforce Development Board, on this topic:  Foundational Skills

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