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Soft Skills are Essential!

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You probably heard of the term “soft skills” regarding interviews or resume writing but are you aware of how important these skills are for your success?

We want to share with you a great article by Lou Adler, CEO, Performance-Based Hiring Learning Systems, on LinkedIn called “Soft Skills Are Too Important to be Called Soft“.

This article lists the top 12 most important “soft skills” and explains why a term change to “non-technical skills” instead emphasizes the importance of these skills.

You can also take a survey included in this article to rank your own non-technical and leadership skills.

MSFW Outreach Program Page

Are you a Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker? Do you know about additional services our career centers can provide?

Visit our new page to request referral for supportive services at MSFW Outreach Program

Referral to supportive services may include the following:

  • Family Care
  • Medical
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Job Opportunities: Agricultural and Non-Agricultural
  • Assessment of Employment Skills
  • Career Counseling
  • Employability Workshops
  • English for Speaker of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • General Equivalency Diploma (GED)
  • Vocational Training and more

Contact your outreach specialist to discuss your specific needs by visiting our page MSFW Outreach Program

Create a Powerful Reference List

As you go about your job search process, you probably have heard about having a reference list ready.

A reference list usually consists of 2 to 3 professional contacts that have either worked with you in a particular company or a manager for whom you worked.  This list may be requested during the job application process or after the interview, once the hiring manager has considered you as a possible candidate.  It is important to have this list ready and verified.

An article from titled “How to Format a List of Professional References,” written by Alison Doyle, reminds us what is important about reference lists.

A reference list must have:

  • A proper professional format.
  • Include name, job title, company, and contact information.
  • Choose wisely who you add to this list.
  • You must call to ask permission to add them .
  • Allow them the opportunity to decline.
  • Review with them the projects you want to focus on that will highlight your expertise on the prospective job.
  • Read the article mentioned above for examples and more advice.

A great place to start looking for contacts to add to the reference list is your LinkedIn recommendations which you can print out and format professionally to add to the job application.

Do not underestimate the power of your contacts; they could be the ones that help you get that dream job!

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How do I know what job is right for me?

Skills ProfilerEveryone has a personal and unique set of job skills.  Yes, even high school or college graduates possess some qualifying and marketable traits that make them competitive in today’s job market.  For example, working at the most basic customer service job at a local retailer can develop the communication skills sought after by some of the country’s top employers.

Ever wonder what career or job suits your unique set of skills?  The CareerOneStop website features a Skills Profiler that will create a list of your skills and match them to job types that need those skills. “You can use this profile to identify occupations that use your current skills, find gaps you need to fill, or polish your resume” (’s Skills Profiler).

Great Tips to an Effective Virtual Interview

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Virtual interviews may become more common as Florida companies practice social distancing.

Read these tips to help you ace your next interview

Some of the tips to prepare for a virtual interview are: test your equipment, be aware of your body language, reduce distractions, practice your responses to questions, and many more!

We are committed to ensuring our clients have easy-to-use resources, information and preparedness tips to use during these challenging times.

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