Men and women working at desks on laptops together

Business Trends for 2021

Men and women working at desks on laptops together

2021 has come with significant challenges for the business world! The pandemic has changed many areas where we used to be complacent, and now we have to look into change to thrive.

The article “The 10 Biggest Business Trends for 2021 Everyone Must Be Ready For” by Bernard Marr, Enterprise Tech, highlights the top 10 business trends we can certainly agree with.

Working from home

The year 2020 pushed Southwest Florida into a “working from home” trend, something we didn’t think we were ready for. Still, businesses had to quickly adapt to it to continue services remotely and provide the necessary IT equipment and accessibility for the workforce to function effectively.

Secure and accessible data

Businesses transformed quickly in giving access to their workforce a shared network, data and making it secure. We did see some data breaches in Southwest Florida, but overall, data security and accessibility have become a priority and significant focus in doing business today.

The ever-changing business model

Along with adapting to new remote work and technology, businesses faced an ever-changing business model between remote/virtual services and in-person appointments with strict CDC guidelines protocol of disinfecting every area after an in-person meeting, mask requirements, social distancing, and temperature checking.

Virtual interfaces a must

A change in the structure of hiring events from in-person to virtual hiring events was a must! Virtual hiring events platforms became necessary including training employers and job seekers, significant technical support required, and a massive virtual campaign to follow for success.

Jobs change to purposeful and meaningful.

We have seen quite a change in the younger generations’ mentality of what today’s jobs must be about, giving them purpose and meaning and not just a paycheck any longer. This trend continued in 2021 and will increasingly become a priority for businesses to provide job seekers to attract them and fill their positions.

Take a closer look at this great article by Bernard Marr, Enterprise Tech, about how these prominent trends will continue into years to come!

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