Advice for Employers Recruiting High-Level Professionals

Employers sometimes rush into hiring candidates that may not be the right fit.  Therefore, over a short time they leave the company.  In order to avoid the loss of time and effort training a new employee, it is important to consider the following advice.

Two businessmen shaking hands surrounded by female and male coworkers

An article from Undercover Recruiter, titled “5 Do’s and Don’ts for Recruiting High-Level Candidates” written by Payal Bhatia, provides great insight for employers to consider when recruiting high-level professionals who will stay with the organization for a long time.

A couple of tips include:

1. Ask the experts. CareerSource Southwest Florida can help you find top quality talent.  Contact our Business Services staff for assistance at (239) 931-8282, ext. 1803.

2. Use video. Using a visual aid to show your culture will make a huge impact to future employees.

3. Don’t go into recruiting blindly, prepare yourself and make sure your company culture matches the type of candidate you seek.

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