Business people using electronic tablet

Advice on not to waste time on cover letter details

Business people using electronic tablet

Searching for a job can be stressful and time consuming. We must manage our time wisely to reach our desired goals. A common mistake job seekers can make is spend too much time on their cover letter. You may be concerned that your cover letter does not have the appropriate areas to make you stand out!  We may waste precious time in overthinking certain details that are not necessary.

The article by The Muse about You’re Overthinking It: 3 Cover Letter Details That Simply Don’t Matter, gives us three areas to avoid:

  1. You’re Too Concerned About How It Looks
  2. You’re Too Concerned About Formality
  3. You’re Too Concerned About Getting in Every Relevant Detail

Shared from a The Muse article by Richard Moy, Content Marketing Writer at Stack Overflow.

You’re Overthinking it: 3 Cover Letter Details That Simply Don’t Matter

The important areas to keep in your cover letter is to show how enthusiastic you are about the opportunity, the value you bring to the company, and make sure it is easy to read.  The easier you make it for the recruiter, the quicker you will get the call for an interview.

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